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New allotment in working progress for 2016

2015 has been an exciting year my New Garden room has now finished and the children are enjoying it.. We also have a new allotment which is in working progress for next year and the children will have lots of digging, planting and picking for the summer harvest..😄🌽🍊🍅

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  • What the children enjoyed during the summer 2015.

    The children had an amazing summer. Doing lots of fun outings. The children went to The London Zoo, London Transport Museum, The National Maritime Museum etc. Picnics in the park with other children and their carers, play dates, and fruit picking at Hewitts Farm. The children loved looking at all the different fruits, vegetables and picking them to take home to their parents.

  • We are now planning for our allotment. Children are preparing by digging, planting and learning about the various fruits and vegetables we are going to grow… Look out for more info and pictures over the next few months.

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