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“my daughter has spent a long time in this nursery and she has learned a lot. Silvia and the other people who work there are lovely and very good people. i love this place . Blessings”


Wilton R

“My little one has been attending since May this year, and I’ve got to say he throughly enjoys it. Sylvia and her team are so understanding, attentive, helpful and most importantly accommodating to your needs. I cannot recommend her services enough!”


Natalie C-440

“Excellent service and provision. Sylvia provides a stimulating, safe environment with a rich provision for children of all ages. The setting is well adapted to suit the needs for the youngest to the eldest. I would not hesitate to recommend Sylvia’s Little Ones to any parent.”


Annemarie B-53

“My two children Gabriele (10) and Martina (7) attended Sylvia’s Little Ones for almost 5 years after school and at times during school holidays.


Sylvia, or a member of her team, would pick them up from school 3 times per week. Sylvia’s home has always been welcoming and clean and the kids both enjoyed going there.


Gabriele was able to find a quiet space to do his homework when at Sylvia’s, while Martina would enjoy playing with the other children. Sylvia created a nice sense of community for the children with everyone playing and taking part in age-appropriate activities.


The kids always felt happy and safe while at Sylvia’s and she provided them with a healthy tea after school every day.


The children also participated in specific activities organized for Black History Month, Christmas, Easter etc. Sylvia also encouraged them to get creative with crafts and helped them make some handmade cards/projects for occasions such as Mother’s and Father’s Day.


As Gabriele and Martina progressed in their Primary School journey, they developed different interests for sports and picked up other after school activities, so we had to put in place a different childcare set up for them.

The kids have fond memories of their time at Sylvia’s and I would recommend Sylvia’s Little Ones to parents who are looking for childcare either in early years or after school.”


Claudia Coppola 

Dear Sylvia,


Sorry it took me this long to write this, but here it goes, hope this is helpful:


“I want to highly recommend Sylvia’s Little Ones as a childminder. My son has been with her since he was a 12 months old baby, and he has grown into a confident and happy toddler thanks to Sylvia’s and her assistant’s care.
Sylvia’s Little Ones is a warm and caring environment and Sylvia has a natural way with children. She is patient and understanding, and she always takes the time to listen to the child and understand their needs.


When we first entrusted our baby to the childminder’s care, we were filled with a mix of emotions, but all our worries dissipated as we witnessed the remarkable progress our child made over the months. From a tiny bundle of joy, he blossomed into a confident and curious toddler, thanks to the dedicated work of the childminder.


In the time that my son has been with Sylvia’s Little Ones, he has learned so much. He has developed his language skills, his social skills, and his independence. He has also learned how to share, how to take turns, and how to follow simple instructions.


I am so grateful to Sylvia’s Little Ones for all that has done for my son. Sylvia is an amazing childminder, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring and nurturing environment for their child.”

I recommend Sylvia’s Little Ones for their care and dedication in looking after my child.


Sylvia’s Little Ones has demonstrated a warm, nurturing, and attentive approach towards my child. I believe the safe and stimulating environment has played a positive role in my child’s overall well-being and development.


They engaged my child in various age-appropriate activities, encouraging their psychical, cognitive and social skills. My child developed a strong relationship with their primary caregiver.


Sylvia’s Little Ones was flexible in their approach to settling my child in, ensuring that they felt comfortable and secure under their care.


Sylvia’s Little Ones has been an important part of my child’s early years, and I recommend the setting. They exceeded my expectations in providing a nurturing and enriching environment for my child.




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